The East Coast Sod Difference

Our customers value our high quality sod and seed products because they know we go above and beyond.  We constantly stay up to date with what our customers want and need, from new seed varieties to innovations in the industry. For our customers, quality, consistency and service are very important – and we strive to exceed their expectations every day.

Our Quality Process

We plant our seed in treated, sterile soil to ensure the cleanest weed-free sod, and maintain the turf according to strict maintenance schedules, whether it is grass for golf course greens, tees and fairways, athletic turf, or our other sod products.

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Our Experts

The staff of experts who work at East Coast include agronomists and former golf course superintendents.  They have experience building and maintaining  golf courses and growing the finest turf. We know the importance of quality and consistency in every product that goes on a pallet.

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Why Sod?

Many customers ask: why should I use sod instead of growing my own grass? Compared to planting seed, sod application provides a number of advantages

  • Installation can occur any time of year, even on frozen ground.

  • Less water is needed and the grass acts as a shade for the soil, preventing dryness.

  • High quality seed – Our varieties are specifically chosen for their traits, tested, and grown in sterile, clean soil.

  • Mature sod needs little to no weed control and provides nearly 100% uniform coverage.

  • Sod provides an immediate aesthetic result and can handle conditions like heavy rain.